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"Our Weapons" project addons for Operation Flashpoint

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-2

"Our Weapons"presents: Mi-2 “Hoplite” helicopter addon.

  • 7 Mi-2 modifications;
  • 3 models of damaged Mi-2;
  • 3 pilot types.

New in version 1.1:

  • Mi-2US – USSR side;
  • Mi-2T Militia (police) – USSR side;
  • Mi-2T Police – civilians side;
  • Mi-2URP – resistance side;
  • Mi-2 cargo/passenger – civilians side;
  • 3 models of damaged Mi-8;
  • Nogova Police pilot;
  • USSR Militia pilot;
  • USSR Militia officer.

New features:
  • Smoke script, activates when the helicopter is heavily damaged;
  • Additional pilot and gunner animations;
  • Functional fuel level indicator on the dashboard;
  • A script to change the model to wrecked upon helicopter destruction;
  • Enhanced cockpit fan handling, addition of fan sound;
  • Reworked textures for Mi-2URN;
  • Random failures script: fuel leak, engines, tail rotor;
  • Animated gear struts.

Two demo missions are available:
  • First Strike;
  • FIA Hoplite.

  • Mi-2US model has 2 side-mounted PKT HMGs, however they are not functional due to the game engine limitations;
  • Mi-2T is capable of carrying 8 people and carries a large amount of fuel in the external tanks;
  • Operating NSK cannon does not produce tracers;
  • In real life, Mi-2URP is not equipped with NSK cannon and door gun - we added those for playability reasons. Also, Mi-2URP carries 4 missiles on the pylons and 4 more in the cargo compartment. If you run out of ammo, land the helicopter, approach the right-side pylon assembly and mount the extra missiles using the game menu;
  • USSR Militia officer is a bonus unit without any particular purpose :) ;
  • We did our best to produce a bug-free add-on, but we cannot guarantee perfect functionality on every PC.

Models: DPS;
Textures: DPS;
Additional animations: Sour;
Scripting: Sour, Kerd;
Сonfig: Sour, DPS;
Demo missions: Sour.

Discussions on flashpoint.ru.

Heavy transport helicopter Mi-26

"Our Weapons" presents: Mi-26 helicopter add-on with pilots pack.

Authors note: "Due to great attention to detail and making its operation as realistic as possible, this add-on contains over 10.000 polygons, a lot of textures and a large amount of scripting."

The following variants of Mi-26 are modeled:
  • Mi-26T – Cargo variant, able to carry vehicles in the cargo compartment;
  • Mi-26T – Troop carrier variant, able to carry up to 70 fully equipped soldiers;
  • Mi-26TM – Flying crane, able to carry vehicles and other loads on an external sling;
  • Mi-26TZ – Fuel tanker, able to refuel vehicles and aircraft;
  • Mi-26MTK – mobile hospital, able to treat the wounded;
  • Mi-26 wreck.

Model capabilities:
  • Ability to carry vehicles in the cargo compartment (no menu action required) with optional jettison with a parachute;
  • Ability to carry vehicles on an external sling (attaching via the menu) with optional jettison with a parachute;
  • “3D Surround sound” – 4 separate sound sources: two engines, main and tail rotors;
  • Advanced random failures system:
    • engines failure;
    • transmission failure;
    • tail rotor failure;
    • fuel leak;
    • countermeasures failure.
  • Voice failures warning system (RI-65);
  • Functional countermeasures system (LC ASO-2 flares);
  • New dust generator for rotor downwash;
  • Random aircraft serial numbers;
  • Animated main gear struts;
  • Highly detailed cockpit;
  • Functional map in the cockpit;
  • Built-in script for launching a paradrop;
  • Numerous hatches animated: cargo door, side doors, cockpit windows;
  • Explosion, fire and other effects.

The following pilots are modeled:
  • air force transport pilot;
  • air force transport pilot wearing a helmet;
  • air force transport pilot wearing a headset.
Additional pilot features:
  • helmet put on/take off animations;
  • new head and hands models;
  • pilots are armed with Stechkin APS pistols;
  • the add-on also includes Stechkin APBS silenced pistol.

Models: DPS;
Textures: DPS;
Scripting: Voyager, Kerd;
Config: Kerd, Voyager, DPS;
Animations: DPS;
Digital photography: Filin;
Testers: TinK_Off, AlexeyZ, Duher, Armageddon, KGB_CCCP, Grifelium, Joe Black.

Discussion on flashpoint.ru №1, discussion №2, discussion №3, discussion №4 и discussion №5.

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-8

"Our Weapons" presents: Soviet era Mi-8 helicopter addon.

This pack was highly praised by the community as well as by creators of OFP-ArmA series, Bohemia Interactive Studios. The model went on to be included by BIS into the ArmA II game in a simplified version – Mi-17.

The following variants of Mi-8 are modeled:
  • Mi-17 (using original Mi17 config, no extra scripting);
  • Mi-8 (using original Mi17 config, no extra scripting);
  • Mi-8 "Aeroflot" (Civilian side);
  • Mi-8MT UN (Civilian side);
  • Mi-8T in desert camo (armament: side-mounted PKT HMG in the door);
  • Mi-8T in woodland camo (armament: PKT);
  • Mi-8MT in green camo (armament: PKT);
  • Mi-8MT in mid-terrain camo (armament: PKT);
  • Mi-8TV in green camo (armament: PKT, UB-16 unguided missile pods);
  • Mi-8TV in desert camo (armament: PKT, UB-16,Fab-250 bombs);
  • Mi-8TV in mid-terrain camo (armament: PKT, UB-16, 2xPKT (forward-mounted PKT HMG in the cockpit, side-mounted PKT HMG in the door);
  • Mi-8TV in woodland camo (armament: PKT,UB-16,2xPKT,Fab-250);
  • Mi-8MTV in green camo (armament: PKT,UB-32 unguided missile pods, UPK (pylon-mounted gun pod with a GSh-23 cannon);
  • Mi-8MTV in desert camo (armament: PKT,UB-32,Fab-500 bombs);
  • Mi-8MTV in mid-terrain camo (armament: PKT,UB-32);
  • Mi-8MTV in woodland camo (armament: PKT,UB-32,UPK,Fab-500).

The following ammunition types are used:
  • PKT bullet;
  • GSh-23 bullet;
  • Unguided S-5M missile with HEAT fragmentation warhead (used in UB-16 and UB-32);
  • Unguided S-5K missile with SABOT warhead (used in UB-16 and UB-32);
  • Fab-250 and Fab-500 bombs.

Model capabilities:
  • Animated windows and doors;
  • Random aircraft serial numbers, save/load safe;
  • Additional weapon effects (tracers, flash, ejected brass etc.);
  • Advanced random failures system with panel annunciation, audio annunciation and systems test on engines start;
  • Additional sound source – tail rotor;
  • Animated gear struts;
  • Additional paradrop scripting (added ambient effects in passenger compartment);
  • Additional animations for pilots and gunner;
  • “Emergency abandon” script for immediate ejection of all passengers and crew;
  • If pilot-in-command dies, the second pilot can take control;
  • Multipurpose winch script, allowing to choose which group to winch aboard. While being winched, the unit is able to fire;
  • Fastroping script. Units are able to fire while roping down;
  • Illumination flares launch system for night-time operation, 8 flares;
  • Reworked countermeasures system, 64 flares;
  • Reworked armor, better protection against 5.56-30mm bullets, worse protection against larger calibers and missiles.

Models, textures: DPS;
Scripts: Voyager;
Config: Voyager, DPS;
Animations: armagedddon;
Lead tester: Joe Black;
Testers: SID, DVM, Joseph Stalin, Grifelium.

Required add-ons:
Pilots 1.5.

Discussion on flashpoint.ru №1, discussion №2 и discussion №3.

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