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About Our Army [USSR]

HA [CCCP] (which stands for "Nasha Armiya [SSSR]", meaning "Our Army [USSR]") is a combat formation of units of Armed Forces of USSR in a virtual environment. It brings together the Russian-speaking players of "ArmA III" military tactical simulator, and implements a role-playing aspect of the virtual military organization based on the principles of military discipline and conduct (derived from Soviet Armed Forces regulations of 1985) on a voluntary, but mandatory basis, with the ultimate goal of creating a composed virtual military force for participation in simulation of modern combined arms combat.

HA [CCCP] was founded to realize these principles on April 22nd, 2001, then utilizing the ground-breaking "Operation Flashpoint" military tactical simulator as its basic system of armament, and has continuosly participated in various activities of both its Russian-speaking and worldwide communities ever since. Over time, the system of armament was updated first to the "Armed Assault", "ArmA II" (with the recent addition of "Operation Arrowhead" module), and then to the "ArmA III" military tactical simulator.

Organization of the HA [CCCP]:

HA [CCCP] consists of various structural elements that serve to fulfill various aspects of its mission:

  • General Staff and its departments - oversee and regulate the overall functioning of HA [CCCP];
  • Training Company - provides basic training to newly enlisted recruits, also educating them about procedures and methods of warfare adopted by HA [CCCP];
  • Professional Training Units - give soldiers professional training in their areas of specialization according to their branches of military service;
  • Combat Units - joint-force detachments of soldiers from various branches of military service, formed for execution of warfare on specific theatres of operations.

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