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Одобрение PvPscene - ArmA II multiplayer community site

Hope you guys don't mind sharing our rather new project called PvPscene.

The PvPscene project has the goal to strengthen both the ArmA II public
PvP scene as well as the competitive scene. The main target is of course
the release of the standalone Addon Operation Arrowhead out later this year.

PvPscene offers so far:

  • ===The PvPscene forum ===

    You find people to advertise leagues, events or new missions there.
    It is a place to discuss gameplay, new ideas, missions or leagues.
    Basically anything related to the PvP field.

    If you want to get in touch with long time key players of the OFP till ArmA II
    competitive scene this is the place for you!

  • === The PvPscene wiki ===

    First and foremost it is a place to share information in the community.

    You can read about ArmA II game configuration (very important)
    and Gameplay tips and tricks there. You find find an extensive list
    of events and leagues available in ArmA II or get more information
    about PvP game modes, like AAS or CTB, and addons/MODs (WIP).

  • === The PvPscene Addon Packs ===

    They are a collection of selected and excellent community made modifications
    to boost the experience in various ways (visuals, FPS, gameplay and more).
    There are in a couple of different compositions available. Easy to download
    with the Yoma Addon Sync app and the extensive guide to get you through
    the deep water of addon use in ArmA.

Alright - thanks for the attention and interest guys.
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