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Гвардии генерал-майор штаба
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5 years anniversary of the HA [CCCP].

Today (22.04.2006) is the 5 years anniversary of the creation of the first virtual squad in the Russian OFp community - the HA [CCCP].

In order to celebrate this event, the virtual military parade will take place on -=KAZAN=- server ( today at 20:00 CET (the gathering will begin at 19:00 CET).

If You wish to participate in this event as a guest, You should come to this server at this time having the required addons installed and You must obey the established rules (given further). Also keep in mind that there are only 10 guest seats present.

Required addons:

OFp editor update v1.02

Parade objects (from "Our Weapons" project ).

Soviet / Russian Air Force pilots v1.5 (from "Our Weapons" project).

Parade music. (the same version, as was used in the 88-th GOsr anniversary parade; not strictly required, but recommended)

The Su-27 fighter (from "Spetsnaz MOD").

Soviet infantry in KZM camouflage suits (from ODS).

Soviet marines (from Nazgul).

Russian infantry weapon pack v3.1 (from ODS). Included in the ECL-3 addon pack.


1.) Be disciplined, and follow the commands of the one in charge of the parade.

2.) Remain in the vicinity of the guest tribunes (but do not occupy the central tribune).

3.) Use the white radio channel (general) only for necessary communication with the persons commanding the parade. It is strictly forbidden to use the violet (direct speech) channel.

4.) Do not flood the radio channel, speak briefly and precisely.

5.) It is strictly forbidden to make markers on the map.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the forcefull removal from the parade.

Thank You for Your attention.

Гв. генерал-майор / Начальник штаба / Командир 2вБТВиПВО / Боец 2КБП
Наша Армия [СССР] / Skype: Krasnoarmeyets

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