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Одобрение A&S ProMode game mode

Dobryĭ denʹ наша армия!

as some of you have been playing the AAS core missions by CoolBox,
the A&S ProMode version might as well be of interest to you.

A couple of highlights
  • Possible to choose traditional AAS / A&D / (soon) One Life game mode
  • Twelve classes to choose from with different equipment and features
  • Some classes have the ability to revive fallen team mates or (area) heal wounded
  • Custom HUD to guide players
  • Over 100+ missions available so far (Utes, Chernarus, Everon, Panthera, Namalsk and more coming)
  • Optional AI mode to fill low player count server or to get into A&S ProMode

To learn more head over to the A&S ProMode articles in the PvPscene wiki,
or check out the our video channel.

Available topics:
  • Beginners guide
  • Features
  • Key differences to AAS core
  • Did you know?
  • Hints
  • A&S ProMode specific HUD (Head-up display)
  • A&S ProMode specific keyboard controls
  • Blocked key actions
  • Mission parameters

Feedback and questions are very welcome!

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