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Старый 02.12.2009, 15:22   #1
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New AAS ladder now available at ClanBase

Dobryĭ denʹ наша армия!

let me introduce you our PvP competition project,
and hopefully catch your interest to have you get part of it.

AAS is short for Advance and Secure. It is a game mode coming from the
Novalogic game Joint Operations. CoolBox thankfully ported it to ArmA.

It is a mix of Attack and Defend with Capture and Hold.
Both teams are to capture a set of zones one after another or several
at the same time. The forward spawn in the sectors with the zone system
creates one or more natural dynamic frontlines than ends up in fierce

There is a huge variety of missions going from small, middle to large,
ranging from infantry only to a mix or every asset available the game
offers, like tanks, choppers and planes.

Finally a bullet point summary of what we offer:
  • 4on4 to 10on10 ladder.
  • Regular small cup events for the prime competition.
  • One mission per match. Both rounds together make the end result.
  • 2x 20min for small otherwise 2x30 min. Teams can agree on different length.
  • Mission schedule to offer a set of different missions each week.
  • A modified version of AAS to suite match play.
  • Killmessage and scoreboard disabled, unless both teams agree otherwise.
  • Crosshair is active and third person always disabled.
  • A huge, optional, client-side only addon pack.
  • In the mid term new missions on beautiful Community Made Worlds.
  • Active improvement and support of the league, missions and addon pack.

You find all important information in great detail on these sites:

Your feedback is very welcome, please leave your thoughts
and ideas in the forum.

Very much looking forward to your thoughts and response!

[CB] kju

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Старый 02.12.2009, 15:32   #2

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Интересно конечно. Только бы не отображались бы враги на карте и ники не висели в игре над головами. А так очень даже ничего.

Interestly. If players nicks will not view in game and enemy marked in map, it's will be good.

Ст. Прапорщик запаса
Наша Армия [CCCP] / ICQ#391062876 / ЛД

Последний раз редактировалось CiberAlex; 02.12.2009 в 15:35.
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Старый 02.12.2009, 15:44   #3

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2 kju
Not bad, not bad OFF viewer nickname and will be very good

Гв.Мичман запаса / Боец 1 гв. КБП НА [СССР] "ОБР"
Наша Армия [CCCP] / ICQ#279247037

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Старый 02.12.2009, 17:21   #4
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CB uses a modify AAS mission.

Yes name tags over units are completely disabled.
In the minimap, you only see friendly units and with the update out later today
you no longer see dead units. So only alive friendly units visible.

In the end to disable the minimap completely is an option.
This is down to the teams opinion. The mission has a public and a match mode.
Match mode is more restrictive.

You can read the details in the AAS missions wiki and even more news section.

PS: Google translation works quite well now for Russian<->English translation.
I used it a lot.
kju вне форума Вверх  
Старый 02.12.2009, 23:12   #5

Гвардии генерал-майор штаба
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Thank You for the detailed description and invitation, comrade kju. It is a quite interesting system, and we will certainly review the possibility of joining Your league. When is the ladder expected to start (i.e., what is the deadline for submitting the application)?

Гв. генерал-майор / Начальник штаба / Командир 2вБТВиПВО / Боец 2КБП
Наша Армия [СССР] / Skype: Krasnoarmeyets

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Старый 02.12.2009, 23:32   #6

Младший лейтенант БТВ
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Эмм может кто нибудь объяснит что это за шняга за 3гига? и как ее правильно ставить?

Гв. мл. лейтенант запаса
Наша Армия [CCCP] / Skype#iskander11 / ЛД

Последний раз редактировалось ISKANDER; 02.12.2009 в 23:41.
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Старый 02.12.2009, 23:38   #7
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Thank you!

We have only best memories to our excellent competition against NA back in the ECL days!
Hopefully the ClanBase can bring back step by step the glory.

The ladder is open to join any day - no limit. The first cup event probably will be in next
year's January.

best regards
Former Inspiration.Q - now playing as kju getSkillD. )
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Старый 03.12.2009, 13:17   #8
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The addon pack is client side only and completely optional for now.

Only once missions based on community made worlds are used, these
will be needed.

The addon pack contains addons to improve FPS, visuals, sounds, gameplay
and more. Via the tool Yoma Addon Sync one can easily download only parts of the addon pack. Like only a sound replacement of your choice.

Hope that helps.
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Старый 07.12.2009, 17:18   #9

Старший лейтенант МП и БФ
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Q ?? thats you?! [i]Q?

Гв.Ст.Лейтенант запаса
Наша Армия [CCCP] / ICQ#242447232 / ЛД

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Старый 08.12.2009, 12:01   #10
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Privet NArod, kak dela Matrosoff!

yes Q from InTrain/Inspiration/2ndTry.
Now playing as kju at getSkillD.

best regards
kju вне форума Вверх  

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