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Sorry :(

Нет русский перевод этого времени.
Вы можете использовать Google перевод, но:

No Russian translation available this time.
You can use google translation though:


The second release of A&S ProMode includes a few fixes and a couple of new features:
  • Added: on-screen task hints to guide players.
  • Added: parameter to configure night vision availability.
  • Added: simple music player.
  • Changed: Move defenders out of the (most forward) zone to defend at mission start.
  • Changed: Add a parameter to change the capping speed.
  • Changed: Add transport vehicles to Sagram.
  • Fixed: Civilians are missing the user action to get into spectator mode.
  • Fixed: Dead bodies of disconnected player are not cleaned up.
  • Fixed: East respawn zone is in the X-Ray zone in the mission Nur.

The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

You can review the list of changes in detail.

The A&S ProMode (2010-07-13) pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!


New Missions: 2010-07-13

  • Anar Valley
  • Falar Valley
  • Feruz Abad
  • Field of Rocks
  • Gospandi Path
  • GurDur
  • Lalezar Refinery
  • OpDoubleTracked
  • Rasman Military Base
  • Sanginat Mine
  • Siah Chub

A&S ProMode Mission List [PvPscene]


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