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Nemesi 22.03.2015 02:32

Arma Tactical Combat (ATC) is back on Arma3!

We are pleased to announce a final build test for ATC6 Campaign. This test will be a full scale battle in anticipation of the upcoming Campaign that will be announced in the next few weeks. All groups willing to participate in the campaign are therefore invited.

The battle will take place on Sunday April 12th at 18.30 UTC


TS assembly: 17.30 UTC

Briefing starts at 18.00 UTC

Battle starts at 18.30 UTC

TS3 server: vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no password

Gameserver: port 2332. The server will be up to verify your mods.

The battle will last 2 hrs

Required mods:


The map used will be Altis. Further infos and details on the campaign will follow in the next few days. Please see the website!

To register for the battle please fill up the form here.

Hope to see you all, best regards

ATC Admin


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