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Красноармеец 04.11.2005 15:20

Military parade of the HA [CCCP].
This topic is devoted for the acceptance of the requests for the participation in the military parade of the HA [CCCP], dedicated to the 88-th anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution, from the members of the OFp community. The parade is scheduled to begin at 6-th of november 2005, at 22:00 central Russian time (GMT +3).

You should mention in the request the following data:

1.) Your nickname in the OFp.

2.) Your player ID.

3.) The name of the squad / clan, the member of which you are (if you are).

4.) The nickname of HA [CCCP] soldier, who can approve your discipline.

Notice: the items 1,2, and 4 are to be mentioned in any case, item 3 is to be mentioned if you are a member of the squad / clan. If this data is not mentioned, your request would not be accepted.

Neccessary addons:

1. EditorUpdate102 (67Kb) If you have one already, you don't have to download it;
2. Parade pack (3.8Mb);
3. Music for parade (9.1Mb).
Gathering of the guests will take place on the mIRC channel #voenkomat of the net irc.rinet.ru (6669).
The rules for the guests, respecting their behaviour during the parade:

1.) Be disciplined, and follow the commands of the one commanding the parade.

2.) Remain in the vicinity of the guest tribunes (but do not occupy the central tribune).

3.) Do not use the white radio channel (general) for communication, it is allowed to use for this only the blue (side) and green (groop) channels. It is strictly forbidden to use the violet (direct speech) channel.

4.) Do not flood the radio channel, speak briefly and percisely.

5.) It is strictly forbidden to make markers on the map.

Failure to follow this rules will result in the forcefull removal from the parade and the disciplinary actions will be taken in respect of the person, who approved Your discipline.
You may recieve the server address and password from the HA [CCCP] soldier, who approved Your discipline when You submitted the request to join the parade.

Anonymous 05.11.2005 19:53

- i.Q-
NA Silver

Dphin 06.11.2005 06:40

Information about neccessary addons have been added in first message.

Anonymous 06.11.2005 20:49

MrD alias Ðke
from Belgian Elite Force

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