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ASC 28.05.2012 20:24

Iron Front PvP "Play Hard Go PRO!" Tournament
Abakan and Soviet Heroes have already been registered!

After our successive PvP tournamet with more than 20 clans for ArmA2 we are happy to present you the new Iron Front PvP "Play Hard Go PRO!" Tournament!


The ArmA Strategic Command offers you a great tournament for Iron Front!
Grab three friends of yours and compete with others! Small scale strategic matches on the "Play Hard! Go PRO!" 4vs4 Cup! So grab your clan or just 3 friends of yours and join right away!
The Cup will start on 9th of June. More info at ArmA Strategic Command

The Tournament Draw will be live broadcasted on 8/6/2012 via our Own3D.tv channel 19:00 GMT
In order to join the tournament you have to apply here Join the Cup!
Matches will be recored and/or live broadcasted on our Ow3d Tv channel @ ASCtours. The matches will be uploaded on our youtube channel where you can also find the matches of previous seasons!
Details about the tournament rules


For more details contact us on skype:

forums or email @ asctours@live.com
If you wish to join our admin team contact us on skype!

Красноармеец 29.05.2012 03:22

Thank you for this notification, we will review the possibility of joining this tournament.

Lysergic 29.05.2012 05:55

This is good, but i think we can't play in summer time because most people have a rest. How about autumn?

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