Просмотр полной версии : Комитет "Варшавский Договор" / Warsaw Pact Committee

  1. Declaration of your desire to join the WPA
  2. Full official site of the warsaw pact
  3. URL links to the Soviet-oriented squads/clans
  4. Help in translation RUS-ENG
  5. Military parade of the HA [CCCP].
  6. 5 years anniversary of the HA [CCCP].
  7. Victory Day.
  8. А в это время...
  9. A remarkable blog
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  11. A&S ProMode game mode
  12. PvPscene - ArmA II multiplayer community site
  13. A&S ProMode (Наступление и Защита) игровой режим для Операции Стрела
  14. Промо видео A&S ProMode и ClanBase ladder
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  16. Iron Front PvP "Play Hard Go PRO!" Tournament
  17. ArmA2 OA: Play Hard Go PRO 5vs5
  18. MilSim Tournament (PvP) - (Arma2 CO ACE + ACRE)
  19. Rolling Thunder #15
  20. Rolling Thunder is back!
  21. Arma Tactical Combat (ATC) is back on Arma3!
  22. Invite for ATC Campaign #9